Newark Irregulars

Tabletop Miniature Wargaming Club

Tony Ackland and Lewis Talbot deep in thought at a club meeting.


The Newark Irregulars are an informal tabletop miniature wargames group who meet at the 7th Newark Scout HQ, Lover's Lane, Newark, UK. Although we no longer run our regular Wednesday night meetings, we do still hold irregular all-day meetings, and the internationally renowned Partizan shows. New faces are always welcome, just drop in or contact the Secretary: Laurence Baldwin


Partizan is our twice yearly tabletop miniature wargames show, now held at the new venue of the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall at the Newark Showground. Newark, Notts, England. If you're new to wargaming it serves as an excellent introduction to the hobby, having built up a reputation for displaying the very best games, having a friendly atmosphere, and it includes some great games to join in too. If you're not new to wargaming, you probably knew all that already.

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Forthcoming Shows

Partizan MMXVI:                   May 22nd          

The Other Partizan MMXVI:   August 21st  


All day meetings are normally held on Sundays at random times during the year.

Stewart Revelle and the enigmatically named Klug reflect on the next

move in a WW2 game.




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Enquires about The Newark Irregulars or their renowned wargaming convention Partizan should be directed to the secretary Laurence Baldwin.

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Last updated: 5th January 2016